How Young Is Too Young? Willow Smith Gets A Tongue Piercing

Ok Miss Willow!

The lifestyle of the rich and famous is very different from that of the average Joe. They have assistants to wait on them hand and foot, they have loads of money to spend on handbags, cars and tropical vacations and apparently, they allow their 11-year-old children to get piercings. 

The Internet was buzzing over the weekend after a photo of Willow Smith surfaced (via Instagram) with what appeared to be a piercing on her tongue. Whether real or fake, she definitely caused a stir.

Several bloggers and their readers offered their opinions on Willow and the job Will and Jada are doing as her parents. Many people feel like they’ve given her too much freedom at any early age and are standing by waiting to watch Willow go down a path of destruction.

This post isn’t about Will and Jada’s parenting skills – it’s more about piercings, tattoos and all that good (or bad) stuff.

I doubt that the piercing is real because legally, a person has to be at least 18 to have any type of body modification done. Then again, celebs are treated as if they are above the law more often than not, so it very well could be real.

I think tongue rings are…interesting. I wouldn’t get one just because it isn’t for me and I have a professional job and image to be mindful of. I definitely would not let my child get one! It just isn’t the way I would do things. There is a such thing as giving a child everything too soon, then as adults they have nothing to look forward to.


What do you think? Is Willow too young for a piercing?

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