How To Write A Memoir

Not only is November American Diabetes Month, it’s also National Memoir Writing Month so you can pull out a pen and some paper or even your laptop to get started on yours.

A memoir is a story about a specific time or event in your life. If you’ve always wanted to write a book, a memoir is a great way to start. You already know everything you need to know to complete the story and it can have amazing benefits as well that include finding out who you really are or getting closure from a situation in your life.

If you’re thinking about writing a memoir or would like to give it a try this month, here are a few tips and exercises to get you started.

Choose which parts of your life you want to write about. Memoirs are a little different from autobiographies in that they only tell one story about a person’s life. As Reader’s Digest put it, you can write one autobiography but many memoirs. If you’re having trouble deciding what part of your life to write about, try to think of the five most significant moments in your life. From there, try to think of as many memories from those events and decide which one makes the most compelling story.

Be creative. Don’t be predictable and start your memoir from the beginning of a certain event. Feel free to jump around in the beginning and then fill all the spaces by writing a flashback or explanation or whatever you’d like to call it. Also, be sure to be descriptive and use imagery to tell your story. Use vivid words to capture the attention of your reader and make them feel like they were there with you.

Don’t just tell the story, tell what you learned from the experience. All good (and bad) experiences come with learning moments. Add value to your memoir by sharing lessons you learned while going through the events in your memoir.

Hopefully these tips help! Be sure to share with us if you plan on writing a memoir or share your favorite memoirs in the comments section.

Source: Reader’s Digest 

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