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  1. Although I limit my content to posting weekly as I seek full time opportunities, my motivation normally comes from things that happen or I witness during the week. Your tips are relevant to me, which made me smile because that means I must be on to something. Its definitely more exciting when I review analytics and see more readers and disappointing when I don’t. I try to keep my motivation and excitement by using my experiences and disappointments to generate ideas. I think my posts are more interesting when I write in the moment (spontaneously) versus routinely (because I run a weekly blog). I also get motivation from other bloggers. I think its more boring to read/hear the same things repeatedly so I try to see what’s missing and that helps me think of other ideas. Thanks for sharing your tips! 🙂

    • You’re welcome, thanks for reading and leaving your tips as well! One thing that I think can help with getting more people to read is sharing more often and in different ways. I recently created a document for each blog post complete with social captions and reminders to share so that more people can see the content. I also noticed that other bloggers periodically share posts from their archives too and that helps with more readers and comments.

  2. Great post! I have experienced this as well as being overwhelmed with all my life responsibilities while maintaining my blog. I sometimes start a post and when I’m stuck I just stop where I’m at and come back when I’m feeling inspired to finish it. That usually works for me.


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