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How To Show Your Customers Your Appreciation During the Holidays

The holidays are a great time to spread some festive cheer to your customers. They like to know that they’re appreciated, and you have the perfect opportunity to show them. You can focus on a specific holiday or just celebrate the magic of winter.

There are a number of ways you can show your customers some extra love. It could be a personal message to say thank you for their custom, or even a gift. Discounts and special offers are always appreciated during the holidays too. So sales and discount codes go down well.

Try out some of these ideas if you want to show your appreciation for your customers.


Send Them a Card

Cards are always an easy way to send somebody greetings during the holiday. But whereas you might have sent physical cards before, that’s now falling out of fashion. Your customers don’t want to receive a pile of cards from different companies. It’s much easier for them if they get them by email and can sort through them as and as and when they like. There are lots of benefits for you if you choose to send business holiday ecards. Firstly, you can see how many people have opened the card. That’s not possible if you send them out in envelopes! It will also save you money, and it’s much greener too.


Offer Free Shipping

Christmas can be an expensive time of year for everyone. When ordering things online, consumers often forget to allow for the cost of postage. Why not do them a favor and offer them free shipping? You could make it complimentary for everyone. Or you could have free shipping for orders over a certain amount. Putting a minimum spend of $50, for example, could encourage people to spend a little bit more.


Put on a Sale

Everyone loves a bargain, and they especially like them during the holidays. If you want to take advantage of the Christmas rush for gifts, starting a sale is a good idea. You can take money off the costs of some of your products or perhaps use a voucher site. If you want to show your appreciation for existing customers, you could send them an email with a discount code especially for them. Make a discount box available on your checkout page. They can put the code in to get money off when they make their purchase.


Get Festive with Your Branding

You could also use the festive season to inspire your branding, promotional materials, and even your packaging. You could wrap up your holiday orders with wintery wrapping paper. You can also include a note with seasonal greetings with every package. You could send out promotional items that have a winter theme. For example, perhaps you could give your clients hot chocolate kits that they can enjoy when it’s cold.

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Take the opportunity to show your customers some appreciation this year. They’ll love to hear from you during the holidays, and they’ll be more likely to show how much they appreciate you too.

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