How To Scare Your Potential Mate: Hit ‘Em With the List

Many single men and women have lists of requirements for a potential mate. Not just your normal requirements like good health, the ability to hold conversation and a genuine interest in being with you – people have gone overboard with their lists.

I’ve overheard some women say their man must earn a certain amount of money, he must be college educated, must drive this or that and so on. Men are guilty too, with some of them wanting their women to be a certain skin tone or have a certain length of hair (minus the weave) or even possess a perfect boob to butt ratio.

The question then becomes: is your list hurting your chances of finding true love? The thought of a man rattling off his requirements of me would send me running in the opposite direction. That is just flat out unattractive. Yeah, you want to maintain standards, but are they reasonable? …

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