How To Give Yourself A Mental Break When You Need One


As someone who runs a business that never closes (in addition to doing contract work), taking a mental break is not even an option for me. Between writing everyday, planning and implementing projects, managing a team of writers and creative geniuses, balancing romance and family – my life can be pretty hectic at times.

I used to be very hesitant to just shut the world out for hours at a time but once I started reaping the benefits of a power nap without my phone ringing or text message notifications sounding off every thirty minutes and not looking at a computer or iPad screen, I began putting mental breaks into my weekly schedule. Below are ways that you can give yourself a mental break as well.

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Exercise: Exercising, specifically walking or jogging, always does the trick for me. I plug in my earphones and listen to upbeat music while pounding it out on the pavement at the nearest park helps me zone out. Exercising is one of the few things that can totally clear my mind.


Read a book: Reading is one of the most underrated stress relievers. My book of choice is usually the Bible and as and when I take those mornings and evenings to read passages and reflect on their meanings, I feel a sense of calmness and relaxation. Maybe the fact that I always read in bed has something to do with it too.

Meditate: I’m not as good with meditating as I used to be but if you can manage to actually clear your mind, meditation helps a lot!

Use these exercises when you first feel that feeling of being overwhelmed, not when you are already swamped with multiple tasks. It’s important to steer clear of mental or nervous breakdowns and practicing the above tasks are sure to help! Share with us how you take a mental vacay in the comment section.




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