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How To Get Your Brand In Public And On The Road

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Spreading the word about your business takes a lot of work. There are many methods you can use to advertise, and choosing the right ones isn’t always easy.

If you want to try and make an impact, one of the things you might want to consider is getting your brand out in public. Social media and online advertising have their place. But sometimes you wish to have a more prominent presence. You have several different options if you want to market your brand publicly. And you can even interact with people while you’re out and about. You can literally take your business on the road. Visit trade shows, malls and other locations where you can make yourself visible. You can also advertise in prominent static and moving public places. They range from billboards to trains.
If you want to make your business more visible to the public offline, this guide will give you some tips. Learn how you can take your brand on the road and all about other methods of getting your name out there.

Do a Road Show

Showcasing your business in lots of locations is often seen as something for larger companies to do. But small businesses can also gain from taking their brand on the road, as long as they can afford it. You may be able to do it affordably, with only a vehicle, some essential equipment and some places to visit. There are transport and accommodation costs. And you’ll also need to consider the expense of showing at trade shows, malls, and other places. Start off by making a list of events that you could attend. There should be a few that are relevant to your brand that will help you reach lots of people. You could also create your own events, but you’ll need to find somewhere to host them.
With mobile sales technology, you can set up shop just about anywhere you want. So you might choose to hand out flyers and to speak to people about your products. But if you’re able to take them with you, you could sell them on the road. You can use a tablet and point of sale software, which can even enable you to take cards. Before you go off on a road trip, ensure you have an itinerary to give you some idea of where you’re going.

Trade Shows

One of the best ways to get out there is to join in with trade fairs. There’s probably at least one in your local area, and you can explore options further afield too. If you’re taking your business on the road, don’t forget to consider trade shows along the way. Having success at your trade show relies on a number of factors. One of them is your display, which needs to help you attract attention among all the other businesses. It should be eye-catching and interactive to keep people interested. One of the things you might consider taking with you is a mobile marketing kiosk. You can use them to store products and present graphics to create a strong part of your display. You can find some examples at http://www.nomadicdisplay.com/displays/kiosks/.
Try to think about how your trade show stand is going to stand out from others. It’s a good idea to consider how people will be able to spot you from across the exhibition floor. Perhaps you’ll have balloons or a banner. And how will you make your booth interesting? You could host a competition or game, give product demonstrations or run a video for people to watch.


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Another excellent place to set up a display for your business is in malls and other similar places. You can use shopping malls to set up a kiosk or a pop-up shop. People can come and buy from you or receive information. To do this, you usually have to rent space or perhaps the use of a permanently installed stand. Your space could be for providing information to potential customers. Or you could use it for handing out flyers or selling your products. You could also use the opportunity to run giveaway and sweepstakes. They are great ways of collecting people’s details for a mailing list. With the ability to check in at malls on social media, you can get people to show that they’re there. They could use a special hashtag and share a photo too.

Pop-ups and Mobile Stores

If you’re traveling around, or even sticking close to home, a pop-up store is often a great idea. One of the things it’s useful for is trying out a new concept to see if it would work. For example, many restaurateurs and bar owners use pop-ups to test new things. You can also use a pop-up to advertise your main business. You might use one for a special occasion, setting up a festive store for Christmas, for example. A pop-up could be in one of many places. It could be in a retail space like a mall or an empty store. It might be outside, perhaps as part of a large event. Or you could work with another business to have a stall within one of their locations. You could also have a more mobile setup that you can take around to lots of places. For example, food trucks are designed to be on the move.

Company Vehicles

If you want to get your brand out there, your company vehicles are a key tool. Whether you’re driving around your local area or the country, people will see you. You might have cars, trucks, mopeds or even bicycles. Whatever you and your employees use to get around, you have the opportunity to use your branding. You can put your name and contact details somewhere visible. People driving, walking or cycling will see you. You need to make sure that it’s clear what you do as well. There’s no point having a method of contact if people don’t know why they should be getting in touch with you. Try to include your URL and email address, as well as your phone number. People like to have options for which method they choose to contact you.


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Public Transport

Your own vehicles aren’t the only places you can advertise your business. If you want another way to get your brand on the move, you can also try public transport. You can buy advertising space on trains, buses, trams, underground networks. You can even use bicycle hiring hubs. These adverts can be inside public transport vehicles or on the outside of them. Both of these methods are highly visible, whether to people using the transport or watching it go past. As well as moving advertisements, you can also have static ones. For example, you can advertise in bus shelters, train stations or subway stations. These are all visible places, where people will see your ads as they wait for their transport.


Advertising on Cars and Bikes

As well as using your company vehicles, you can also use private vehicles. Many people will happily have advertising on their car, truck or even bicycle if they’re paid for it. You can use a company that puts advertising on cars to have your adverts driven around. You could have your logo put on a small part of someone’s car or do something as large as covering a whole in your branding. Bicycles can have adverts on the crossbars, or they can even have a trailer to pull with a small board on it. Using people’s vehicles to market businesses can get creative and sometimes a bit silly. But it can be an effective way of putting your brand right in front of people.



Another great way to get your brand out in the open is to use billboards. They can be an expensive method of advertising, but they can also mean thousands of people see your name. You might find it cheaper to use a digital billboard, where your ad can rotate with other brands’. Because you’re sharing the board with others, the cost can be lower than if you have to put up a poster advert. Billboards can be in a variety of different locations, from roads to city centers. People on foot, driving or using public transport can spot them and keep them in their minds.



You can also use public spaces by giving out leaflets and flyers. Before doing this, it’s a good idea to check out the local regulations. There might be rules about whether you’re allowed to do it, or if you have to get a license. If it’s something you want to do, you need to have personable and persistent people handing out your material. It can be difficult to get people to take something you’re offering. However, you can make it a bit easier if you give out coupons or another special offer.

Taking your brand out into the world can be an excellent way of getting your name known. But if you want to do it, be prepared for a lot of work!

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