How I Come Up With Blog Content

Blogging is a career that comes with many misconceptions. It’s not as easy as it may look or sound and running a blog is more than just having a website with your own domain connected to it. One of the more challenging aspects of blogging is coming up with the blog content itself.

All content creators and media pros know that content is king. It always has been and always will be. Having great content keeps your audience interested and always wanting more. Many bloggers are focused on how frequent their content is and making sure they adhere to it, which is good, but that’s only part of the challenge. If your daily content isn’t interesting, it doesn’t matter much that you post on a regular schedule.

I’ve struggled with this but it’s much easier for me to come up with content than to post it regularly (bad, I know). I do have a creative edge but inspiration is available to all of us and it’s all around us if we could just train our minds to be aware and in the moment.

Here are a few of the ways that I come up with blog posts.

1. Social media

Social media is full of hot topics and a variety of perspectives on just about anything you can think of. Some of my most popular posts (What I Hate Most About The HBCU vs. PWI Debate + My Experiences As A Student Of Both and Livin’ in Sin: Shacking up Before Marriage) were both ideas I got from reading conversations on Twitter and Facebook. I don’t recommend perusing social media websites all day long for content ideas but do keep in mind that your audience tells you what they want to read and talk about without you having to ask.

2. Friends

My friends and I have the best conversations! From relationships, bad word, and religion to food, entertainment and culture, conversations with friends never cease to give me inspiration for posts. The best thing about pulling content from conversations is that you can make your posts more relatable to the masses by sharing different perspectives within the posts. Guys give me the best post ideas, especially those that I date. They’ve all been my muse at some point or another for several reasons.

3. Current events

Current events can always lead to blog posts that will engage your following. Regardless of your blog’s niche, there’s always a current event that would fit. You can either offer commentary on an article that has already been written or you can present a different perspective. These types of articles are more likely to be shared because of their relevancy.

Your turn to talk…

If you’re a blogger, feel free to share the ways that you come up with blog topics in the comment section below.

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