How Has Your Relationship with Your Mother Changed Over the Years?

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Mother’s Day is this weekend. When I made it home from church yesterday I started to think about how my relationship with my mom has changed over time.

Mothers and daughters have these strange, hard-to explain at times relationships. I believe we all go through different phases with our mothers but in the end (or as we get older) those phases turn into more of an appreciation for our moms and all they’ve done to ensure we have a good life.

I remember a period of time as and when I thought my mom was pure evil. I look back on those days and smile because I didn’t have a clue! I would write in my journal about how I felt like she did me wrong and this and that and it was a mess, honey!

Our up and down relationship continued until I moved out on my own into the dorms. I realized that she wasn’t an enemy of mine, but one of the best friends I could have. Then as I got my first apartment on up to now, approaching graduation from a grad program – I appreciate and value her more than ever.

When you hear the saying that no one is going to be there for you like your mother, it is true. A mother’s love can never be replaced. Of course, this isn’t the case for everyone but I’m thankful it is for me.

Has your relationship with your mom changed as you got older?



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