Houston Stripper Claims Drake Put A Hit Out On Her (PHOTOS)

Multiple sources are reporting that Houston stripper, Jhonni Blaze, is claiming that Drake put a hit out on her after a week long fling the two shared (please know that I’m rolling my eyes and sighing deeply as I write this article). Basically Drake is in hot water with Jhonni after he spent time with another stripper by the name of Lira Galore, who used to dance at the same club as Jhonni. After she confronted him, he allegedly put a hit out on her.

How do we know? Jhonni wrote Baller Alert to share with the world everything that happened.

*face palm*

In the email she sent BA, Jhonni says that she and Drake met and spent an entire week together where she played the piano for him, partied with him, had “deep conversation” with him and even engaged in unprotected bad word with him. She says that she didn’t post any photos about them because unlike her fellow dancer, she didn’t need the attention (yet she exposed him to a site with millions of readers…ok girl!).

“I asked him why he messed with me with no condom, what if I get pregnant. He said ‘I’m not worried about that, I just want to give you the best of me’. He wanted to feel all of me. He ate me out. He kissed me. He’s a loving bad wordual person.”

She goes on to say that she exchanged numbers with him and says that on his last night in town they got into a heated argument over him talking to another woman while they were together. After he apologized via text and they made up, Jhonni says that Drake planned to fly her to Toronto later in the month, but instead he flew Lira out.

Jhonni confronted him about it and he denied it, called her crazy (*cough*) and told her to stop contacting him.

drake text

Jhonni says the entire City of Houston was talking about her and tore her apart on the radio, forcing her to take a week off from work due to her embarrassment. She says Drake had her talk to his mother to prove that Lira wasn’t in town but then later posted a photo of himself having drinks with Lira, which really set Jhonni off. According to Jhonni, his story changed and he said that Lira was in town to shoot a music video.

Drake posted this photo…


Lira posted this one…


Jhonni took to her Instagram account to acknowledge how hurt and embarrassed she was and that’s as and when things popped off.

Jhonni says that Drake made threats on her life, made calls and sent men to her job in an attempt to scare her. When they found out she wasn’t at work that night, they sent the threats through her friend. Jhonni says she feared for her life after the men kicked down her apartment door. In the fear that no one would believe her, she filed a police report.


The following photos are screenshots of Jhonni’s conversations with Drake.



My opinion?

This looks like a classic case of a woman hoping to come up or become involved with a guy and she goes all out too soon when his intentions were to do nothing more than sleep with her. I’m not saying Drake is innocent (because there have been other claims of him threatening women…most recently his ex whose voice he used in “Marvin’s Room”) but I think Jhonni jumped the gun and got way too involved too soon. Like after a week this man owes you explanations about who he’s seeing? You’re a stripper…why did you think he did all those things with you? Come on now…

Also, this isn’t Jhonni’s first time in the spotlight with celebrity men. Just in August she professed her love for rapper Kevin Gates and she had a relationship with Love & Hip Hop New York‘s Rich Dollaz (who is also her manager) that caused beef between her and Erica Mena.

Drake has yet to respond to the allegations and Jhonni has since lost her job.

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