Hot Date Ideas You’ll Both Love

When you know you’ve got a big date coming up you want it to be special. It’s always a good idea to pick something that you’ll both love. There are plenty of great choices too. No matter what your personality, or where you’ve reached in your relationship, we’ve got some great hot date ideas you’ll both love:

Back To Basics

For uninterrupted quality time together, it’s time to go back to basics. Ditch the hustle and bustle associated with modern life and technology. Instead, choose a retreat in the country where it’s quiet and isolated. You can sit quietly together, or make as much noise as you like without disturbing anyone else! The people behind Flowers For Everyone are running the Love Cave for couples looking to get away from it all. You could have some serious quality time together. Leave your phones behind and let life slow down, if only for the weekend!

Action And Adventure

A great date could also be about trying something new and exciting for the first time. Getting physical outdoors can be a great way to spend quality time together. And if it’s your first time doing the activity, it will certainly be memorable. Kayaking through rapid waters, rock climbing, or venturing down a 400m zip line can all be great things to do on a date. Remember your GoPro and selfie sticks to capture the excitement up close.

Romantic Dinner

You don’t have to fly to Paris and eat at a gourmet restaurant with a view of the Eiffel Tower. But wouldn’t that be romantic? Anyone would feel just as loved if you prepared a home cooked candlelit dinner for two. Put on your favorite love songs in the background. Add some red rose petals to the table. And crack open a really good bottle of wine. Of course, a luxury dessert will also work wonders to get you both in the mood for love after dinner.

On The Water

Being on the water doesn’t have to be fast-paced. Think about Gondolas. They are one of the most romantic forms of transport in the world. The gentle water is barely disturbed as you drift along in your boat. Find a picturesque lake and a row boat. Pack a picnic (and perhaps a couple of life jackets). And let the water gently rock you both to sleep as you look up at the clouds. It’s peaceful, tranquil, and one of the most romantic dates ever!

Hot Air Balloon

While this date may be entirely weather dependent, once you’re up in the air you’ll love it. The movement of the basket as you drift across the sky is gentle. And the views are going to be amazing. Getting a bird’s eye view isn’t something you can do every day. Neither of you will be the designated driver for this hot air balloon ride. So you can both enjoy a lovely glass of bubbly to celebrate this incredible date.

Romance is still one of the hottest things about a date. Quality time together helps you get to know each other even better. Make your hot date romantic and memorable.

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