HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY! Presenting The 12 Days of Christmas and How-To-Play

The JessicaSimien.com team has been in the holiday spirit for a few weeks now, secretly planning a very fun giveaway for YOU, our readers. In celebration of the holidays, we’ve created a fun and challenging 12-day contest for you to participate in…that’s if you want to win one of two fabulous gift bags full of goodies from Forever 21, Bath & Body Works and more cool places. Guys – don’t worry, you can still participate! If you win, that means one less gift you have to buy for the lady in your life.

How To Play:

Beginning December 10 and ending December 21, we will post one game for you to play each day. The game will have a box underneath for you to submit your answer. For each correct answer per game, you will receive one entry into the drawing. This means you have the opportunity to be entered into the drawing 12 times! Awesome, right?

At midnight on December 21 after all the entries have been recorded, we will pull two winning names and announce them via our YouTube channel.


The Rules:

You MUST submit your answer through the contact form for that particular game between 9 a.m. and 12 midnight each day. After midnight, we will no longer accept entries for that game and the form will be removed.

Answers will not be accepted via Facebook, in the comments sections, Twitter, or Instagram. Those mediums will only be used to promote the game for the day. All answers must be submitted through the designated contact form. No duplicate entries are allowed. This means you cannot be entered into the drawing more than once a day.

Once a winner is selected, you will be notified via YouTube and by email. Winners must respond within 24 hours of notification otherwise an alternate winner may be selected.



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