HeTexted.com Helps Women Find Out If A Man Is Into Them Or Not


I’m not sure how I feel about this.

The website HeTexted.com provides advice to women trying to figure out if a guy is in to them or not by analyzing their text message conversations. Basically, you post a screenshot of his texts and tell everyone “what you’re wondering.” Everyone then votes on what they think about the text by choosing one of the options below:

He’s Into You
He’s Not Into You and
Verdict Is Still Out

There is also a panel of “Bros” that you can ask for help for if you have a “situation.” One of the bros, Kenny, has this in his bio:

I’m married, so I have a totally different view of these things. I know more than anyone what makes a guy put a ring on it, and can help you figure that out, too. Send me the details and I’ll take care of the rest. And don’t even think about texting him until we’ve figured out what to respond and when.

Have women become this desperate? Are women really posting text messages trying to figure out how a man feels about them? What ever happened to just asking or paying attention to his actions? Kenny talks about how much he knows about men popping the question and sells you on the idea that he can make it happen as if all men are the same.

But on the other, maybe I can see why a site like this was started. Some women do need a little help deciphering messages – I know I have a one point or another – but I’m not sure if I would sign up on a site where strangers give me relationship advice. I find it to be a tad bit desperate. But who am I to judge, what do YOU think?

What do you think about HeTexted.com? Would you use it?




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