HELP! Please Explain The ‘Harlem Shake’ Dance Craze (VIDEOS)


Yesterday we found a few videos floating around the internet that have started a new dance craze called the “Harlem Shake.” I’m a little confused though. I remember the “Harlem Shake” as the dance where you swing your arms from side to side as you move your shoulders up and down but this new 2013 version looks nothing like it.

Apparently, the dance is gaining lots of popularity with over 4000 fan-made videos being uploaded to YouTube per day. Celebs like Azealia Banks and Ryan Seacrest have even made their own versions. The song from the videos is actually pretty old and didn’t make any noise in the music biz…but I guess some things just take time.

Check out a few videos below of folks doing the “Harlem Shake”…there’s even one from my undergraduate alma mater, Jackson State University.

Here’s the original video that started it all, with over 13 million views.

Ryan Seacrest’s version featuring Kendall & Kylie Jenner

JSU Version (check out the tiger on the floor…I love my HBCU!)

The NEWS even had a version!

I’m thinking they just called the dance the “Harlem Shake” because of the song and not the actual movements they were doing. It looks like they were just in the dorm clowning around.

What do you think of this new craze? Do you plan to make your own video?

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