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Have You Seen This? Pregnant Women Dancing In Their Third Trimester For Kmart’s Holiday Ad

I know I’m late (I don’t watch a lot of TV), but have you seen Kmart’s newest Joe Boxer holiday ad?

“Santa Baby” is the retail chain’s new ad to promote Joe Boxer’s women’s pajama line and features five pregnant women dancing to a modern-day version of Eartha Kitt’s 1953 Christmas classic. When the ad begins, the women’s silhouettes are shown of them dancing from behind so you don’t know that they’re pregnant until they turn around.

A representative of Kmart told USA Today that the women all needed to be visibly preggo for the ad and they hired two pregnant understudies in the event that one of the women gave birth before the ad was done filming.

Their moves were on fleek and the commercial is super cute! I have to say this though – Black women wear pajamas too…you know, in case no one noticed.

Check out the ad below.

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