Happy Father’s Day To My Daddy & A Few Of My Favorite Real-Life Dads!


I’ve tried so many times to explain it, but I just can’t. There are no words to describe the bond between a father and his daughter. My Dad is far from perfect but even as and when things aren’t peaches and cream, I still feel an incredible emotion toward him. My Mom is probably going to kill me because I didn’t have time to write a Mother’s Day post LOL, but here’s to my Dad, a few of my favorite real-life Dads and all the other Dads out there.

My Dad and me at my Grandma's 75th birthday party

My Dad and me at my Grandma’s 75th birthday party

One of my fondest memories of my Dad goes back to when I was a young girl and I’d watch him play the saxophone. I don’t know why these moments stick out to me, but they do. My dad would be practicing for an upcoming gig or whatever he had going on. The radio would be playing and I’d be in the bed with my pajamas on. As he started playing, I’d jump on the bed and then he would let me try to play. All I can remember is that I could never blow hard enough to make a sound and the reed on his instrument would be so wet. If my Dad passes away before I do, I’ll probably never be able to listen to a saxophone solo again in my life!

My Dad and his mom

My Dad and his mom

As I became a teenager, my Dad would give me pretty much everything I wanted without a fight. Or if there was a fight, he’d get it anyway. He always wanted to know the latest happenings in my love life and I’d end up spilling the dirt when a relationship went sour. My mom says that I’m most like him out of my siblings and I’m not sure if she means that as a compliment or what LOL (I know you’re reading this Mom).

Me and my Dad, Christmas 2013

Me and my Dad, Christmas 2013

I can’t remember my Dad ever giving me a spanking or fussing at me too much other than when my sister and I were playing with a jug of pennies on her white carpet. Let’s just say I know the importance of keeping your carpet clean now! Anyway, Dad I love you and I am thankful to have you.

In addition to my Dad, here are some of the real-life Dads that I love and adore. Happy Father’s Day to you guys and all the other Dads of the world that I did not mention!

Trey Sullivan
(Uncle) David Lowe, Sr.
Cassio Batteast
(Uncle) Calvin Irving, Sr.
(Uncle) John Irving
(Uncle) Maurice Irving, Sr.
(Cousin) David “Jerome” Lowe, Jr.
(Uncle) Robert Irving
(Cousin) Demorian Martin
Nathaniel Young, Sr.
Corey Turner
(Uncle) Eric Simien
(Cousin) Calvin Irving, Jr.
(Cousin) Andre Vinning
Hamp Hooten
Harvey Washington
(Cousin) Wilbert Poindexter


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