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Happy Birthday To Me! The Beginning Of Chapter 29

Wow…today marks the first day of the last year of my twenties.

It really feels like just the other day I was celebrating my 20th birthday in my first apartment surrounded by 40+ people who I barely knew.

(Photos from my 20th birthday party. Check out the Razr phone on my belt LOL!)

Yet here I am, 9 years later, and I’ve learned so much about life, love and friendship.

I can sum up the last 365 days of my life in one word – unpredictable!

Even though the year sometimes seems like a blur with it passing so quickly, it passed slowly enough for me to experience some things and learn some of my biggest life lessons to date.

The biggest takeaway has been that anything is truly possible.

If you would’ve given me a glimpse of the year ahead this time last year, I would’ve laughed at you and bet you whatever money I had at the moment that you were wrong.

I didn’t believe that motherhood was on the horizon, but my little one is growing and reminding me that they’re nestled in my tummy with little nudges and kicks. Even though I’m still getting used to the idea, I find comfort in knowing it was part of God’s plan – because it sure wasn’t part of mine!

I didn’t think I’d come into a deeper relationship with God and truly understand what God’s love is and how freely it’s given to us, despite our flaws. I thought I was good with where I was at with Him, but our new church has amazingly captured the true essence of what it feels like to have your life incorporated with God.

I didn’t think I’d make some of the not-so-wise decisions I made. I didn’t think some friendships would be dissolved and others would blossom, but such is life and there is a time and a season for everything under the sun.

I didn’t think that I’d have such an up and down year as a business owner and that there would be test after test, but I know for sure that I’m working in my purpose because of the constant reminders. Therefore I rest on faith, not circumstance.

And I definitely didn’t think that I’d welcome the last year of my twenties with so much anticipation and excitement. I thought I’d be sad that I’m almost 30 but I’m the exact opposite. I’m so happy to be aging – to age is a blessing!

What I will say is that all of those experiences, every single one of them, has helped me grow exponentially.

I thought I had it together more than I did but life will always humble you and show you where you can use a little improvement. I’m thankful for that. I know these things for sure: you can’t change anyone, you can’t make people see the truth that’s in front of them and you can’t worry yourself with the ways of the world. You can only focus on being the best you and taking however much time it takes to make that happen. It’s OK to be in your own bubble, it’s OK to protect yourself and your sanity and it’s more than OK to not have it ALL together because not one person on this earth does. The only perfect person has lived, died and rose again – Jesus Christ.

I’m looking forward to Chapter 29 being one of the best years I’ve had! I mean, I still look pretty young :), I’m still growing, I have such a blessed and happy life and prayerfully I’ll have a healthy delivery to welcome my sweet baby!

There is no better feeling than to wake up to so much love and so many messages and kind words on your birthday so thank you to everyone who helped this day have an amazing start. I love you all!

Cheers to 29!


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