Happy Birthday To Me! My Thoughts, Reflections And Wishes As I Turn 25

Wow…I’m 25 already. It seems like just yesterday I turned 18, then 21 and here I am entering into the “real adult” phase of my life.

Birthdays are very special to me and at first I was really disappointed that I couldn’t do more for this EXTRA special one. I mean, it’s my 25th! It’s supposed to be epic! I should be waking up in Vegas ready to paint the town pink. Instead, I’m sitting in the middle of my couch, listening to my dog whine in his cage as the rugs he peed on are being cleaned in the washing machine. What an epic start.

Earlier this week, one of my friends gave me a reality check as I complained shared my thoughts about how bad I felt for not having anything planned. He made me realize that my gift is being able to see this day and enjoy the fact that I have so much more to be thankful and excited about. He was right.

The 24th year of my life was rough…really rough. I went through so many changes and I faced so many obstacles and struggles all within a three or four month period. Those struggles almost broke me, but I knew that God was preparing me for something big in this 25th year. Despite the tears and stress, I persevered.

What I’ve learned these last few months is that you have to pay attention to your environment. Not just the landscape, objects or people around you – your situations too, especially if you pray regularly. When you watch and observe things changing in your environment, you can make decisions you feel good about (no matter what others have to say), you can be free of worry, you can let go of your fears (without even realizing it) and you can go for your biggest dreams.

I’m so thankful for everyone in my life and everything I have been blessed with. I have a supportive family and circle of friends, a beautiful apartment, a laid-back job, a growing blog, a nice car, a healthy body and mind and the list goes on. But I’m especially thankful for those of you who visit my site, read the posts I spend my time and energy writing and those of you who have wished me well on this special day.  I really, really appreciate it. XOXO

— Jess

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