Happy Birthday To Me! My Sweet 26th :)


Today is my birthday!

First, despite the fact that it is a cold, rainy November morning, a bird was outside my bedroom window chirping like it wanted to be the first to tell me happy birthday. How cute is that?

After I got out of bed, I immediately got on my knees to pray and thank God for this day. I am beyond blessed to be able to celebrate my birthday. You know, everything isn’t how I’d like it to be or even the best it could be at times, but you know what?

I’m thankful anyway.

I’m thankful for every experience I’ve had thus far – good, bad and ugly – they have all shaped me to be the woman I am right now. I’m so thankful for the amazing people who I am able to share my life with and all the happiness and laughter they bring to me. I could be out of my mind, bedridden, homeless, hungry, lonely…but I’m not and I’m grateful. I’m so blessed to be healthy, talented, possess all my God-given abilities and the list goes on.

As far as lessons that I’ve learned from as and when I turned 25 to now…I’ve learned that a lot of the things I’ve gone through and will go through in life are the result of a decision that I made or will make. I’ve also learned that I have to trust my instinct and never compromise who I am, what I believe in or the things I want out of life for another person. It’s much easier for me to not hold on to the past or dwell on negativity.

Most importantly, I’ve learned that nourishing my spirit makes life a whole lot easier to navigate.

I love where I’m at right now and I know it’s exactly where I’m supposed to be. If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t be here.

Happy birthday to me!


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