[Guest Post] The Side Chick Speaks: Part 1 of 2

Remember as and when I wrote a post about side chicks? Well, since I introduced the submissions page, I’ve had a side chick to come forward and clarify a few things…

*Disclaimer: This post is not  for the women who CANNOT be real with themselves or their fellow sisters. It is meant to be a learning tool and to also promote the understanding that there is NO ideal way to love. Please enjoy and remember: We have ALL had a Mr. Not So Right.

One big lesson most parents teach their children is to “never settle”. Never settle for being in second place, a loser, and most importantly – young women are taught to never settle for a MAN.

I thought I understood what my mother was saying and why. I’m young, strong-willed, ambitious, focused, and a single mother who has has to endure it all. I’ve picked up the pieces that the men in my life let fall so ME?? No, I would never settle for a man.

I had a clear picture of Mr. Right in my mind- 5’11, educated, mature, loving, financially secure, handsome, the list could go on FOREVER. I knew trying to find him would definitely be a task.
My job had always been the #1 place I get hit on. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it all; cute ones, tall ones, ugly ones, $$money$$ making ones, even the boy next door types. But it has always been the quiet ones who held my interest.

I saw HIM every week. He came in mostly by himself or with a friend. He got the same thing- usually two lunches. One for himself, the other for grandma? moms? uncle? girlfriend?? I never asked I just kept smiling and watching his EVERY move. Whenever I saw HIM I told my coworker all the things I thought about HIM that I’m too embarrassed to say. *blushes*

Then it all stopped. I got a new job. I never said anything to HIM. Why? I’ve always been that aggressive woman who is never shy and always seemed to get what and who I wanted. But for HIM??..I wanted him to do all the pursuing, so I guess that’s my loss.

The new job was pretty cool, the pay was good and I occasionally had fun. One night while I was sweeping up to close the store, I looked up through the front window. He was 5’9, dark and sooo smooth, handsome, and he looked like he had some serious loving. It was HIM. I knew that face and swag anywhere. My face lit up like it was Christmas and I had a room full of presents. He walked in my store and recognized me too. He handed me a black business card with his name and number on it. I finally got what I wanted!!…

Stay tuned for part 2 on Friday, April 27, 2012!

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