[Guest Post] So You Wanna Get Married?

By: Michelle Hill

Michelle & Chris

Who doesn’t want to get married?  I mean of course all women go through a stage where they swear away all men for life. But the truth of the matter is, deep down inside we all wait for that one day as and when our Prince Charming tells us he can’t live without us and pops the BIG ONE! Sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t, nevertheless, women everywhere have been anticipating this day since we were first introduced to tiaras and white gowns.

Who am I? My name is Michelle and on April 28th of this year I will be saying I DO! YES, April 28th of this year! As in less than 30 days!!!!

I am excited, overwhelmed, exhausted, nervous, discombobulated, tired, nauseous, dizzy, irritated, impatient, eager, and above all I am ready for this day to come and go! I know I probably sound like the guy that reads the side effects of medicine at the end of a commercial, but that’s only because marriage is medicine. Although marriage is suppose to relieve your pain of loneliness by giving you a companion that loves you unconditionally, it has side effects. Trust me, these side effects begin to take place long before the wedding too.

I met my fiancée‘, Chris, in 2005. We didn’t start dating until three years later and here we are four years later two boys, no dogs, and less than 30 days before the big day!

My fiancée is my Prince Charming and our life is my fairy tale. It’s not anything like Cinderella’s, Snow White’s, Sleeping Beauty, Arial, Jasmine, Tianna or any other Disney Princess. Yet, it is still MY fairy tale. This is one of the first realizations you must come to terms with before getting married. Your story is not and never will be the same as anyone on television or on Earth. So stop thinking just because you have kids out of wedlock, or because he couldn’t afford to get you that princess cut 2kt diamond ring that you wanted, or because neither of the two of you have a 6 figure salary that your fairy tale is anything less than perfect.

Learn to cherish your fairy tale for what it is and stop looking for society or your friends (who probably haven’t started a page of their fairy tale) to predict what is suppose to happen next.

Chris proposed to me in a letter in 2009 while in basic training. My ring, I got days before my 22nd birthday and I have been wearing it ever since.  I can admit over the years I have asked him to do a more traditional proposal, but once I realized the significance of my story, I didn’t want to change a thing.

As you may have noticed by now we are having a wedding 3 years after he proposed. The reason being is simple. We were not ready for marriage. We started taking the medicine and the side effects started kicking our butts, do you hear me?! For some reason we could not understand how two people who claimed they loved each other had to deal with trust issues, infidelity, insecurity and a ton of other problems.  Why couldn’t the problems just disappear? Why were we still fussing and fighting? Clueless us, we thought that once you popped the question you began to live happily ever after! Nevertheless, we refused to give up! There was no doubt in our mind that we loved each other and wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.  So this is what we did…

…To Be Continued on Wednesday, April 4, 2012

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