[Guest Post] So You Wanna Get Married? Pt. 2

By: Michelle Hill

Michelle at her bridal shower

As I said in the last post we started taking our “Marriage” medicine three years ago and still found ourselves dealing with lying, cheating, and a host of other issues. After fussing, fighting, and crying our last tears we searched for an answer. That is as and when we realized we weren’t taking our medicine properly! We were not following any of the guidelines for taking this marriage medicine.

Let’s put it like this….there is a Warning: DO NOT TAKE IF section on medicine for a reason.  We should not have been taking the medicine because all of the precautions pertained to us. According to the label you should not take this medicine if you are not ready to fully commit to your partner. You also should stay away from this medicine if you suffer from insecurity, do not know how to communicate, and/or if you lack respect for your partner. Most importantly you should not take this medicine before the both of you are on one accord about the future.

I know most people are probably surprised about me admitting the problems within our relationship, but I know I am not the only one who has dealt with these problems. Actually admitting to the problems within our relationship has helped deal with them more.

How many of you ever pay attention to your medicine when it says: Must take with food?? If you don’t, you need to not only pay attention – but take heed! Marriage medicine has some musts that you have to follow as well. On the side of the marriage pill bottle it says: MUST TAKE WITH FOOD. Strange, I know. The food on this bottle wasn’t referring to chicken, steak, and eggs either. This food was making reference to GOD. I don’t want to start preaching but I have to be honest with you.

After we brought God into our relationship a lot changed for us.

The fact that we now prayed together made it easier for us to talk to each other. Seeing how much trust and faith we had in God increased our trust and faith in one another. I don’t want to sound cliché’ but if it wasn’t for God I would not be waiting on the call from Alfred Angelo telling me my dress has arrived!

The final step in taking your marriage medicine is to consult with your doctor. We went through 8 weeks of therapy with our pastor and it was GREAT! This weekly meeting did not fix our problems but it taught us how to face them! I recommend everyone contemplating marriage to speak with someone; whether it is a pastor or therapist.

Now, just like prescribed medications, the side effects that accompany marriage medicine are promised forever. At times those taking the medicine will experience a high level of stress, frustration, depression, anger, and anxiety that will come and go without notice.  To this day we still have arguments and moments of frustration that linger into the next day. And I’m more than positive it will only get worse after April 28th. But when you take the medicine properly, it makes it a lot easier to deal with the side effects.

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