Gucci Mane Hits Fan In The Head With A Bottle


See. Now how will Gucci Mane explain this incident to those kids he spoke to this summer?

Police have issued a warrant for the arrest of the Atlanta rapper after he allegedly hit a fan in the head with a bottle for asking him for an autograph.


The victim, a soldier named James, claims that he was also slapped in the face by one of the members of Gucci’s entourage.

I’m in the military. I wanted to get a picture with Gucci Mane. “Is it OK?” I was speaking to the security guard, and Gucci Mane hit me in the head with a bottle. And as I looked at him in the shock of why, one of his friends hit me in the side of my face.

That is dangerous, because if there was to be any other fan trying to approach him, ain’t no telling what else he might do to them. He could have possibly killed me. I just hope and pray that I recover pretty well because I still want to serve my military career.




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