Group Of Women Claim Smoking Weed Makes Them Better Parents, But What If They Were Black?


Well, this is news you don’t hear everyday.

A group of Beverly Hills women who have named themselves the “Marijuana Moms” got a lot of publicity recently for their claim that smoking weed makes them better parents and wives. They smoke marijuana to help them deal with stress and chronic pain and are able to obtain the drug as a prescription, which is legal in California.


The “Marijuana Moms” get together monthly to have dinner parties hosted by member Cheryl Shuman where the main ingredient is their “happy plant.” They serve meals like cannabis leaf salad, chicken friend in cannabis oil and marijuana milk shakes. Some of the women of the group are wealthy stay-at-home moms and most have young children. According to Shuman, they are bringing glamour and exclusivity to smoking marijuana.


I can’t help but wonder how this story would have been reported had these women been black. I have a feeling that the response would have been more of an uproar rather than a fascination.

What are your thoughts on the “Marijuana Moms”? Share them below.

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