Grace His Daughter To Host “Pretty With A Purpose Tea Party”

Tomorrow (November 7, 2015) Grace His Daughter, a nonprofit organization based in Jackson, Mississippi, is hosting its 1st Annual Pretty with a Purpose Tea Party at the Capitol Club of Jackson.

I had an opportunity to catch up with the organization’s founder, Kristy Grizzell, to talk about the event, how Grace His Daughter was started and how we can all be involved in their cause. Check it out below.

JESSICA SIMIEN: Can you tell my readers more information about your organization and how it was founded?

Kristy Grizzell: We are a newly established nonprofit organization in Mississippi, we’re spiritually based and what we do is help young girls discover their purpose in life through different seminars, prayer and preparation and connecting them to their passion.


This organization actually was originally a book believe it our not that I started writing. It was pretty much about my life, being a victim of molestation as well as a victim of domestic violence. I saw that while sharing my story with a lot of girls and groups of young women, girls were lost. They didn’t know their purpose in life. They didn’t know why they were going through the things they’re going through in life.

I felt like it was a well-needed organization and a group that needed to come together to help our next generation of young women.

JESSICA SIMIEN: What should we know about the Pretty with a Purpose Tea Party?

KG: Our upcoming event is a tea party for teenagers ages 13-16 and we are giving them the platform and opportunity to learn formal, proper etiquette as well as be empowered through an inspiring message from our guest speaker.

JESSICA SIMIEN: What can readers do to become involved if they can’t make the actual event?

KG: You can always go onto our website and click on Becoming a Leader, Mentor or Motivator, fill out that form and one of our representatives will get in contact with you. We’re pushing for women and girls come together as one to help each other discover their purpose. We’re calling out every woman who is actually walking in their purpose to help girls. We’re fighting everything – molestation, domestic violence, teen pregnancy – help us. They can also donate to Grace His Daughter online on our website.

For more information about Grace His Daughter or to participate in their 1st Annual Pretty with a Purpose Tea Party, visit their website here or email

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