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See Who Made GQ’s ’25 Most Stylish Men of 2012′ List

GQ recently released their picks for the most stylish men of 2012 and we’re impressed with the list. Check out who made the cut below!



25. Frank Ocean – GQ praises Ocean for his perfect mixture of high-end fashion with streetwear.


24. Russell Westbrook – Westbrook looks great in his signature glasses. GQ gave him props for knowing how his clothes should fit.


23. Wes Anderson – GQ added Anderson to the list because of his hipster style.


22. Archer – Shout out to Archer for being the only animated man on GQ’s list this year.


21. A$AP Rocky – Rapper A$AP Rocky being added to this list is no surprise. He pushes the envelope as and when it comes to fashion – isn’t that what being stylish is all about?


20. Adam Levine – Maroon 5 lead singer and judge of the reality series The Voice, Adam Levine, has transformed his style into a more sophisticated rocker look. We love Adam!


19. Yasiin Bey – You may know him as Mos Def. Not only did he change his name, he changed his style and landed him a spot on this list.


18. Andrew Garfield – Spiderman actor Andrew Garfield looks amazing, don’t you agree?


17. Ryan Gosling – Nothing like a bad wordy man in a suit. We’re loving Mr. Gosling!


16. Andy Cohen – Bravo’s longtime late night host made the list because of his well put together suit and tie combos.


15. Jay-Z – This mogul knows how to dress for any and every occasion.


14. Armie Hammer – GQ praises Hammer for simply looking good in his clothes. We’re loving the first look of Hammer sporting the brown suit.


13. Matt Lauer – Lauer consistently looks amazing as one of the anchors on The Today Show.


12. Dwayne Wade – This NBA star turns heads on and off the court.


11. Matt Bomer – GQ names Bomer as one of the best dressed men on the small screen.


10. Nick Jonas – This Jonas brother is taking the spotlight for this fashion forward ensembles.


9. Justin Theroux – This man can rock a street look or a nicely tailored suit. Gotta love it!


8. Tyson Chandler – We know he looks great naked, but he looks even better in clothes. :-P


7. Joseph Gordon-Levitt – GQ gives JGL his props for nailing proportion.


6. Rob Pattinson – The list wouldn’t be complete without every teenage girl’s favorite vampire.


5. Ewan McGregor – Watch out for McGregor. He has mastered the black tie look!


4. Bruno Mars – We were wondering when we’d see Bruno. His style is undeniable and it fits him well.


3. David Beckham – We don’t have much to say about him…instead we’re just gonna stare and admire this beautiful, bad wordy man.


2. Zac Efron – GQ loves how Zac keeps it simple but never boring. We do too.


1. Daniel Craig – Craig wins the title of the Most Stylish Man of 2012.


What do you think of the men who made the list? Did GQ get it right? 




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