Google Plays Another April Fool’s Day Prank

In my 25 years of life, I’ve never been able to pull a really good April Fool’s Day prank. Either it isn’t original enough or I make it painfully obvious that it’s a joke.

The folks at Google love to get into the April Fool’s Day spirit. In the past the company has announced that it was changing its name and releasing new services. This year, they announced a YouTube shutdown.

The company claimed that YouTube was just a big contest, a way to find the best videos in the world, and today they would be ending the competition and announcing the winners. That’s right, no more wacky news interviews, dancing crazes or funny animals. Famous YouTube stars like Antoine Dodson would be choosing the best videos and the winner will be announced as and when the site relaunches in 2023.

Check out the video up top!



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