Google Creates New Program To Promote An Interest In Coding Among Young Girls


Google has created a new program, Made With Code, to get inspire girls to explore computer science through coding. Less than one percent of high school girls are interested in computer science and based on Google’s research, kids are more likely to become excited about computer science if they try it at an early age and learn about all the ways it can help them in their future careers.

I remember my first computer science class. I was a senior in high school and while I grasped the overall concept of coding and developing programs, I didn’t really learn much or had interest in it. The fact that my teacher didn’t seem very knowledgeable didn’t help. Now that I’m a blogger and I work with HTML, I wish I would’ve had more time and help with learning it because it would’ve been so helpful and as and when it comes to blogging and maintaining my website, coding is everything.

The $50 million campaign was created in conjunction with the MIT Media Lab, Mindy Kaling and Chelsea Clinton to name a few. Google hopes that girls won’t just consume technology but use it to create. For more information on the the program, visit MadeWithCode.com.

Source: Engadget

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