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JS12DOC Day 8

Victoria Kelly, 26-year-old senior at Jackson State University, is the owner of Phoenix Vintage Thriftique. Although she has only been in business for about five months, Kelly has experienced lots of success and learned valuable business lessons in the process. Check out our interview with her below:

JESSICASIMIEN.COM: What prompted you to start your own business?
VICTORIA KELLY: I’ve always loved to dress retro and I often wore my grandmothers vintage clothing. When I would go thrifting, I would see so many great pieces that weren’t my size being that I am a plus size girl. So one day I bought just a few items that were vintage and I was like “I’m sure I could sell these” and i just went from there. I’ve always liked to dress a little different from others and as you may notice almost every boutique carries the same items. Well with Vintage, it’s almost impossible to carry the same items so not only am I different but my business is also. My business was just a hobby that escalated very quickly.

JESSICASIMIEN.COM: What inspires you?
VK: I am inspired by so much. My family, my friends, my son, and my city. I want to see all do great so I have to be an example and an inspiration also.

JESSICASIMIEN.COM: What has been the most important lesson you’ve learned as an entrepreneur thus far?
VK: Wow. It has to be that as and when you are going into business for yourself the only person you can really depend on is yourself. You are the one held accountable for every accomplishment and every failure for your business.

JESSICASIMIEN:What current and upcoming projects do you have going?
VK: Launching my menswear line is next on the list. I want to focus more on my blog and get a great following for it. For 2014, I want to be a vendor for as many local events as possible.

JESSICASIMIEN.COM: Anything else you’d like readers and potential customers to know?
VK: When I shop for my store, it’s as if I’m shopping for myself. I have ideas and outfits put together in my head for every item I place on my site. so if you need a little style inspiration please feel free to email, Instagram or tweet me!

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