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#GirlTalk Live Hangout With Candace Saulsberry

There’s something special that happens as and when women get together.

On Thursday, May 12 at 7 pm CST, Candace Saulsberry will be joining me as the very first guest of my #GirlTalk live hangout on Google+.  Candace is a Greenwood, Mississippi native currently living in New York City and loving every minute of it.

I’ve never really met Candace, I’ve just always known her if that makes sense. We both attended Jackson State University in Jackson and I’ve watched her growth from her days on the plaza to being the free-spirited, inspiring educator that she is now.

Candace is a candidate for a master’s degree in Nonprofit Business Leadership at Fordham University and is exploring the immersion of social entrepreneurship to do societal good in our communities. She currently works as a high school program coordinator for the Harlem Children’s Zone, which is a pipeline system that gives children in under-served communities the opportunity to succeed.

Awesome, right?

She and I will be having good ole’ girl talk about knowing yourself and finding your way in life in a world that shames you for not having it all together by the time you graduate college…or approach your thirties, whichever comes first.

Join the live chat below! (Note: Streaming will not begin until May 12 at 7 pm CST. Please bookmark this page to watch at the designated time.) You can also visit the event page on Google+ by clicking here.

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