Getting Past the Past

Even though we can never go back, the past seems to play a role in the present lives of many. Whether it’s in a relationship, your own personal past or the past of a family member, one thing is for sure – getting past the past is not easy.

In my personal life, this has been a constant struggle. I can forgive fairly easy and I don’t like to hold grudges, but sometimes my mind relives moments or emotions that I would much rather forget completely. The worst part about it is, I sometimes feel like I don’t have control over these thoughts or replays.

This time last year I went through a LOT. I look back at those times and realize that I only made it through by praying and staying true to what I felt deep down inside. Now if I could re-do it, I would have made different decisions but I can’t so…moving right along. Every time I hear certain songs or see certain people I automatically get warped back in time to that hurtful moment. I get so upset at myself and I always ask the question, “Am I really over it?” I’ve managed to get over a lot of things and just move on but the ill feelings toward people have definitely not gone away.

After doing a little research, I’ve come up with a few pointers on how to get past the past no matter if its your past or just something that happened to you.

  1. Try to avoid whatever it is that sends you back to those moments. It could be a place, people, music, etc. Just try and stay away from it/them.
  2. Don’t relive the past – it can only be alive if you make it. The past is gone, never to come back. Try not to think about it. Don’t bring it up. Just act like it never happened. Constantly talking about it gives it the opportunity to be on your mind or generate new energy to keep it alive.
  3. Dont beat yourself up about how you reacted to it. Just know that you reacted the way you were supposed to. Everything is part of a divine plan.
  4. Be happy that you made it through. Be proud that you are a survivor and you came out of it a better and stronger person.

I hope I was able to help someone out there!

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