[full episode] “Love & Hip-Hop” (New York) Season 3, Episode 3

Joe Budden is bringing the drama on season three of “Love & Hip Hop” New York.

In this week’e episode Joe’s mother, Fay and ex-girlfriend, Tahiry get together to set up an intervention for him since he admitted that he’d relapsed. I’m wondering what’s up with his current girlfriend Kaylin. Why wasn’t she the one helping his mom? It’s pretty obvious that there are some things that haven’t been dealt with or “ended” in his relationship with Tahiry. I’ll have to write about that topic another day.

Also in the episode, Rich asked Consequence if he would work with Olivia and Erica Mena before he brought it to the ladies and it did not go over well. *surprise, surprise*

Check out episode three up top!


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