[full episode] “Love & Hip Hop” (New York) Reunion Part 2

Viewers got a chance to see a little scuffle on part two of the Love & Hip Hop New York reunion special last night.

Although Consequence and Joe Budden never filmed together during the show, they still managed to have beef between each other. Apparently, Consequence and his baby mama, Jen, were talking sh*t about Joe on air during a radio tour they were doing and Joe got wind of some of what was said. During a commercial break, Consequence ran up behind Joe and sucker punched him, knocking Joe’s glasses off his head.

Aside from Joe and Consequence’s fight, the cast also reflected on Yandy and Mendecees’ relationship trials, Raqi has no friends and Erica Mena was…Erica Mena.

Check out the episode up top!



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