(Full Episode) ‘Basketball Wives’ Season 5, Episode 5

We’re five episodes in to season five of VH1’s Basketball Wives and finally Evelyn is not discussing the “Chad incident” the entire duration of the episode.

This week, we get a chance to see a little more of Tasha’s personality. It really seemed like she was getting inducted the first few episodes and now she’s comfortable enough to start making jokes and getting friendly with the ladies. Meanwhile, Tami is trying to get everyone to see her for who she is now instead of the crazy woman she used to be. For the record, we still think Tami is a little crazy but you gotta love her. She keeps it the realest out of all the cast members.

The episode ends with Evelyn in tears (again) after hearing about a “joke” Tasha made. It’s a little hard for me to have sympathy for Evelyn because now she knows how it feels to be the brunt of all the jokes. Of course I’m not referring to the head butt situation because no one deserves that…I’m talking about all the bullying she has done throughout the show. What goes around, comes around boo.

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