(Full Episode) ‘Basketball Wives’ Season 5, Episode 4 Recap

Once again, another episode of Basketball Wives starts off with Evelyn. Is anyone tired of hearing about Evelyn and Chad’s domestic violence situation? Well I am! I believe that she will end up right back with him. Yes! The fact that she wants to have a therapy sessions with him so that they can “discuss their situation” and that there was a picture of them together holding hands has me convinced.

Evelyn actually had a chance to explain why there was a picture taken of her and Chad holding hands. Supposedly, she went to Chad’s fan appreciation dinner. Not only did she go for support of Chad but she also picked up his daughter! As they were walking into the restaurant, Chad grabbed her hand and someone instantly snapped a picture. My first question is why go to the dinner in the first place? If a man or woman has been physically violent to you, would you go support them at a fan appreciation dinner? I know I wouldn’t! What I don’t understand is why ask for a “No Contact Order” if you are still going to have some type of contact with the man. Evelyn needs to leave Chad alone and move on.

I’m not the only one who feels that way, looks like Suzie agrees with me. Miss Gossip Queen met with Tasha and talked about how she felt Evelyn didn’t need to get back with Chad. Some people will never change, Suzie being one of them. She stills goes and gossips and talks about people behind their backs. Maybe this season she will learn to keep things to herself.

Just as and when I thought this episode was all about Evelyn the tables finally turned and things got juicy. Shaunie O’Neal is finally in some drama. THIS IS WHAT I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR! Yes, I think Tami is wrong for blowing something so small into something so big. But this cattiness is what’s going to make this season. Who cares if Shaunie said that Tami and Tasha won’t get along? I’m just waiting on the Tami bomb to blow up and Evelyn is helping that bomb get closer to exploding by running back and telling Shaunie everything Tami said.

It’s sad that we have to wait for something like that to excite us this season. Hopefully further into the season some interesting, jaw dropping, and drama filled moments will pop up! Until then it’s all about how much Evelyn loves Chad.

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