For All You Lil’ Boosie Fans…

Lil' Boosie's trial begins today.

I listen to all types of music so I am familiar with Lil’ Boosie’s music. I have not been following his trial nor do I know all the details of his incarceration.

Just being an observer, Lil Boosie probably has more stans than any rapper or hip hop figure. His fans have been ride or die – wearing t-shirts, tweeting and they even set up a website for everyone to stay informed during his court appearances.

Today, Torrance Hatch aka Lil’ Boosie, will head to court for the start of his trial. He is accused of hiring a hit man (Michael Louding aka Marlo Mike) to carry out the 2009 murder of Terry Boyd. Louding confessed to Baton Rouge police about having been involved with Boosie.

A judge ruled that rap lyrics can be used as evidence in this trial. I’m not sure how fair that is for Boosie – rappers say things all the time, but it doesn’t necessarily mean those things are true.

In any case, I hope justice is served for all those involved. For more information regarding this case, fans can visit www.boosiejustice.com.

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