FINALLY In The Christmas Spirit On The Inside


Stopped to take a selfie on the way home from church

I thought I was in the Christmas spirit as and when the month of December rolled around two weeks ago but I was wrong.

I had all the signs. I was listening to Christmas carols, I’d decorated the office, I even took holiday photos with my JessicaSimien.com staff! I started looking up new holiday recipes I wanted to try and I even attempted to Christmas shop for my loved ones, but I still didn’t feel it on the inside. (There’s a difference.)

Yesterday I went to church service and then I returned to church for a Christmas program. It was then that the holiday spirit hit me and I realized that I’ve been doing it backwards. 

These last few weeks I’ve been trying to feel the spirit by doing these outwardly things to observe the holiday, when it’s really about the birth of Jesus and how he was born to eventually die on the cross for my sins and save me. You see, I’ve known it all along but for some reason it just hit me how precious this holiday is and had it not been for Jesus being born, I wouldn’t be here. I wouldn’t be saved. I wouldn’t be who I am.

So before I can celebrate with the lights, the stars, the ornaments, the giving of gifts and everything else that represents the birth of Jesus, I had to first acknowledge that He is truly the reason for the season in my heart.

Happy holidays ya’ll! :)


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