FAQ Friday: Why I Started Blogging

You’ve got questions, I’ve got answers!

Believe it or not I get asked lots of questions by strangers and people who follow my blogs. Sometimes the questions are very specific like how to start a blog or what products I use on my hair. Other times they involve more elaboration than I can give in a Facebook chat or via text. I’ve decided that beginning today, I’ll be answering one of my most frequently asked questions every Friday!

This first question is the one that I’m asked all the time. Anytime I meet someone new and they learn what I do for a living, this question always comes next…

Q: Why did you start blogging?

A: I started blogging for two main reasons, never considering how much of a role in my life it would eventually play. In March 2012 I found myself a few months away from graduating with my Master’s degree and I was so frustrated with life. I was practicing PR as a freelancer (like I still do now) but I was also working at a day spa. The spa was fairly new and we had no clients at all. I would literally spend my entire shift at the receptionist desk in front of a computer for hours without anything to do.

If I remember correctly I had four PR clients at the time and two of them were bloggers. That previous December I’d started a blog on a whim just to share my writings and different prompts I completed. I hadn’t touched it since I created the first post but having clients who blogged made me curious about revisiting the idea. One day my frustration with school and the economy peaked and I wrote a blog post about college being like a scam. I was worried about having a job and maintaining the skills I’d picked up throughout college and blogging became a way for me to do that. I could stay on top of social media trends, I could develop PR campaigns and test them, I could improve my video editing skills and so on.

The second reason was that I was having difficulty getting press coverage for my clients. Living in Mississippi and working with entertainment/pop culture based brands came with a heavy burden of trying to garner meaningful and appropriate press attention. No one cared about my clients. Local publications weren’t interested in their work and all the great things they were doing. So, I decided to become the press. If no one wanted to interview them and write about them, I would.

Honestly I believe The Lord has been preparing me for this since I was an elementary student. I’ve always kept a diary (I still do) and I used to write novels in notebooks from as early as the 8th grade. I’m a natural writer, it’s my absolute favorite thing in the world to do and it was only natural that it became part of my career. :)

I hope I was able to give you a little insight into my rationale for creating a blog. If I missed anything or you’d like for me to go into more detail about something, leave me a comment below.

You can also submit new questions for FAQ Friday in the comments section or by emailing with FAQ Friday in the subject line.

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