Facial Recognition App Allows Strangers To Match Your Face To Your Social Network Profiles

Source: FacialNetwork

Source: FacialNetwork

Imagine this.

You’re hanging out with a few friends at a local bar chatting over drinks about who knows what. A total stranger walks in and is immediately attracted to you. While you aren’t paying attention, they snap a photo of you. Seconds later, your social network profiles show up on their phone screen.

Yes, technology has come that far.

An upcoming app for Android, iOS and Google Glass called NameTag will allow you to photograph people and find out who they are. Users can snap a photo of someone they want to identify using their device’s camera and the app will send the photo wirelessly to the NameTag server, where it will be compared to millions of online records and matched up with a name, more photos, social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where the person may have posted photos of themselves. In the United States, the app will also match the photo against entries in the National bad word Offender Registry and other criminal databases.

As far as privacy, the app raises a few brows. Most people (including myself) would prefer not to have their online information available to strangers without them asking or you offering first. It makes me feel really icky and vulnerable. Apparently Google agrees. They currently don’t allow facial recognition apps in their MyGlass app store.

What are your thoughts on the app? Share them with us!

Source: CNET

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