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Eyebrow Rehab: How To Grow Your Eyebrows Out

If you follow me on Instagram and/or Twitter, you may have seen me mention the caterpillars growing over my eyes. I decided to grow out my eyebrows for a few weeks in an effort to have a new shape and fill them in less.

I started getting my eyebrows “arched” as we called it back then, as and when I was in the eighth grade. The problem was that they were so doggone bushy that I looked like a cave woman in the face. My aunt was really good at it and she used a razor (ouch!) to shape them for me. Of course she wasn’t a professional so no one knew if they were being shaped correctly or not, we were just glad that I looked a lot less hairy.

From there I graduated to getting them waxed…then I got fancy and started getting them threaded, which didn’t last long because of the pain, so I went back to waxing…and finally I started plucking them myself in between waxes.

As you can imagine my eyebrows are completely jacked up.

I can fill them in pretty nicely but with all the gaps and uneven spots and arches, it’s hard for them to look their best. There was only one solution…grow them out.


I’ve seen where YouTube beauty queen Raye (@itsmyrayeraye) grew hers out and she did it with such ease that I thought I’d breeze through the next 15 weeks with no problem or bumps in my makeup routine. Wrong. I’m on week two and the spots I’m filling in are getting more obvious by the day.

According to Vogue Australia, the main thing to remember is that you have to stop tweezing, waxing, threading and anything else that removes your hair. It will take several months for the full hair growth cycle of your eyebrows to happen so it’s important to leave your brows alone during this time or you’ll ruin the process.

Vogue also suggests using brow gel and eyeshadows/pencils to fill your brows in to give them a more groomed appearance.

april epps makeup artist eyebrow tips

MUA April Epps

April Epps, a Jackson based makeup artist (and my cousin!), advises those growing their brows out to fake it until you make it.

“Growing your eyebrows are no easy task, it takes time and patience. To help you along the way taking a vitamin supplement, such as Biotin, does help the process,” she says.

“You will also want to learn to “fake” it to you make it by filling in your brows. Your brows frame your face which makes them the most important factor to your makeup. Once grown back, be sure to go to a professional to have them groomed. This helps not to lose them again.”

I feel like my eyebrows are extra dark and extra thick but I’m trying my hardest to keep them looking as natural and as groomed as possible. Wish me luck!


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