Drake Vs. Lil Wayne: My Concert Experience (REVIEW)

lil-wayne-atlanta-georgia-tour-drakeMe and my honey took a quick trip to Atlanta this past weekend to see two of our favorite artists in concert – Lil Wayne and Drake. 

The show took place at Aaron’s Amphitheatre, which was a combination of covered seating and general admission lawn seating. The venue’s capacity is 19,000 and it was just about full by the time the opening act hit the stage. We bought our tickets late and there was no way that we’d spend hundreds of dollars each on a few hours of entertainment, regardless of how much money we had. Our smart decision paid off – we had an amazing spot, we were able to see the stage and we weren’t crowded next to anyone.


PARTYNEXTDOOR opened up the show and don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan, but it kind of put us in a chill vibe where we began to move in slow motion and get in our feelings. We quickly got out as the video gamed theme show began to start.

The graphics were amazing and the entire theme of the show was well thought out and very fitting. My honey made the point that Wayne should have a cartoon character and I agree. His cartoon image looked very much like him while Drake’s could’ve been any light skinned guy at the venue.


I didn’t take notes during the show, I was too busy rapping along with them both (I was surprised that I actually knew all their song lyrics) and dancing with a fan that one of the concert goers in front of us gave me. The crowd was full of people of all ages and races and they too knew all the lyrics…seriously….even the 60-year-old White ladies.

Wayne and Drake went back and forth performing their hits, making jokes and sarcastic comments about one another and they even did a feature battle. One of the highlights for me was Drake hovering above the crowd and shouting out audience members and literally being surprised to see so many people in the lawn area. I remember hearing him say, “Wow look at everyone on the lawn, I didn’t know ya’ll were back there.”

Wayne made a point to mention that the audience reciting his lyrics without him even having to made him feel really good and it was also humbling.

They both brought out 2 Chainz, which was a surprise for us, and another guy who I later learned had just signed to Drake’s OVO Sound.

I can’t remember the exact order of the songs, but here are some I remember being performed:

“Blunt Blowin'” (and the audience proceeded to blow blunts on cue)
“Steady Mobbin'”
“Money On My Mind”
“Mr. Carter”
“Swag Surfin'”
“Sky Is The Limit”
“Go DJ”
“Leather So Soft” (crowd loved this)
“Mrs. Officer”
“Bandz A Make Her Dance” (I twerked a lil’ bit)
“Rich As F**k” (crowd went crazy as and when 2 Chainz came out)
“No Lie”
“Loyal” (Wayne challenged Drake to a Chris Brown-esque dance battle)
“Pop That”
“Hold On, We’re Going Home”
“Marvin’s Room”
“0 to 100”
“Worst Behavior” (crowd went bananas)
“The Language”
“All Me”
“Versace” (man…if Migos would’ve come out, this would have been epic)
“Find Your Love”
“Duffle Bag Boy”
“Started From The Bottom”
“No Worries”
“A Milli”

Drake and Wayne shared a blunt on stage, Wayne’s blunt never left his hands during most of his sets as a matter of fact.

A few celebrities were at the theatre – I spotted Sevyn Streeter in the crowd and Drake mentioned DJ Drama being there as well.

The show ended with them performing “Believe Me,” from Wayne’s upcoming album, Carter V, “HYFR” and “The Motto,” both from Drake’s album Take Care.

Drake was announced as the winner of the show and initially I wanted him to win, but that was before I realized just how many classics Wayne has and how talented he really is.

Needless to say, they both put on a great show. It was worth every dollar we spent and the entire concept (the whole street fighter theme) was genius, especially with the integration of the mobile app. The camaraderie between them was evident and they clearly enjoy what they do and they enjoy performing with one another. They truly make a great team and compliment each other well.

Again, the whole concept of the show was genius.

I mentioned on Twitter that my phone was on 5% and I was only able to get selfies of me and “Bae,” I was telling the truth LOL. The few photos I tried to take of the stage didn’t come out well so I said forget it and just decided to enjoy the show rather than document it. I did have one selfie that was decent enough to post, so there you have it.

If you’re in one of the cities that they’ll be stopping at before the tour is over, I recommend you check them out.

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