Don’t Put Me In a Box

My post about shacking up did exactly what I wanted it to do. It opened up discussion on a very controversial topic that so many people want to talk about, but are afraid to bring to the table. The Facebook conversation was great and I got input from both males and females.

It was very refreshing to see people very candidly discussing such a hush-hush topic!

Some of the comments (made both publicly and privately) proved that there are a lot of issues that people are going through but they don’t really have that outlet to get them out. Really, people are afraid of being judged by others. And I noticed that my post spurred side conversations that were judgemental…but guess what though, there is only ONE Judge.

I don’t like to debate religion and I’m not going to. But I will not allow someone to make assumptions about me or anyone else who chooses to comment on any of my posts. There is nothing wrong with talking about controversial topics and the mentality that everyone should think the same way is absurd.

I’m the type of person that believes in talking things out and I’m fascinated with how perspectives can differ. I’m a very “outside of the box” thinker and I understand that this is my life to live and I have no problem hearing others out. If you listen close enough and open your mind, you may learn something.

Life is not cut and dry. The Bible provides us with direction, but it is not as easy as finding a verse and magically things change. Furthermore, you can’t judge someone for what they are/are not doing in their life as and when you yourself have shortcomings. Come on now.

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