Don’t Play Rock, Paper, Scissors With My Heart

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“Are you gonna crush my heart; cover me; cut me off? Make your decision. Will it be rock, paper, scissors?”

– Melanie Fiona – “Rock, Paper, Scissors”

I’ve been a Melanie Fiona fan since she released her first single, “Give It To Me Right”. I had the opportunity to see her in concert at Eaglepalooza back in November of last year. After she performed a few of her new songs, I knew her second album would be just as good as the first – if not better.

Her single, “Rock, Paper, Scissors,” touched me. It just seemed so “on time” for lack of a better description. After my regular relationship talk with my BFF and sister, we were all left wondering how a person can be so selfish and inconsiderate without ever considering how their actions can make the next person feel. (Continue reading to listen to the single.)

In the song, Fiona describes a relationship with a man that doesn’t seem to care that he is playing with her heart and leaves her in mental disarray. How many of us can relate to that? Peep some of the lyrics…

Wish I, wish I, had the common sense
To know better and just walk away
Easier said, harder to do as and when I still think there’s hope
For me and you
Always hurts to never be put first
If I’m last on your list, really what’s the worth?
Keep me in fear asking you questions I don’t wanna hear the answers to

Are you gonna crush my heart, cover me
Cut me off, make your decision, boy
Crush my heart, cover me
Cut me off, make your decision

The single hasn’t been released to the radio yet, but feel free to take a listen for yourself below:

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