Don’t Blame Twitter, Blame The Mama

Everyone has their own opinion about what social media is doing to society in terms of our ability to spell and punctuate correctly, make friends outside of the internet, maintain self-control and so on.

Recently, a mother posted a photo (that quickly went viral) of her daughter crying and obviously being punished for her misuse of social media. Some felt like she went too far and others felt that she did what was right.

I read a post on Clutch Magazine (one of my FAVORITE blogs) that suggested that our youth was being ruined by social media. The blogger felt that because of sites like World Star Hip Hop, teens are going great lengths to get attention – sometimes by using violence.

I have to respectfully disagree. There is no way that you can blame Twitter for children/youth/pre-teens (whatever you wanna call them) and their misbehavior or misguidance.

No one is to blame but the parents.

It is a parent’s job to monitor their child’s activity on the Internet. Using the computer/Internet nowadays is almost inevitable. Children are learning at extremely early ages how to use advanced technology. My niece is only 2, but she can use my iPhone better than I can.

I do believe social media has had a negative impact on society in several ways, but it is not to blame for the way in which people behave. I truly think that it starts at home and it’s deeper than just a post. It’s that person’s thought process while preparing to publish that post. (I’ll save that for another day.)

Hopefully more parents will stand up and monitor what their children are doing online. It will definitely follow them, especially in these times where the web drives almost everything.


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