Dolla Black Releases New Album, ‘Let Me Work’

Mississippi rapper Dolla Black is back on the scene with the release of his latest project, Let Me Work.

Let Me Work is the rapper’s debut solo album after releasing several singles and an EP. It features “Ain’t F*ckin’ Wit Me” and my personal favorite, “Let Me Be Great.”

Dolla Black (born Brandon Howard) is not just another rapper who sends me his music to write about, he’s someone I know personally and consider him to be a friend. I have always admired his work ethic. I know for a fact that he really does want to work and continue to make music that his fans can feel. We have him on our radar and we’re waiting for his break!

To listen, download or purchase Let Me Work, click here.

This article is part of our third annual Mississippi Month observance. To read more articles about Mississippians, please click here.

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