‘Dogs Of War:’ New A&E Reality Show Spotlights Service Dogs For Combat Veterans With PTSD

In light of Veteran’s Day, we wanted to share a very special reality show with our readers.

In a culture where most reality TV programming is full of bad word, drama and sometimes even violence, Dogs of War is a refreshing take on what reality actually is for many people.

We get to meet combat veteran Jim Stanek, who returns home struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). He decided to look into getting a service dog help him heal but he finds that the cost of the dogs are extremely expensive and the wait to be paired with one was very long. As a solution, Stanek established his own nonprofit organization to rescue dogs from kill shelters, train them as service dogs and partner them with other struggling veterans at little to no cost.


The first episode premiered tonight at 10PM EST and the remaining episodes will air on Sundays at 10PM EST beginning November 16. Stay tuned to #DogsOfWar. We’ll be giving away a special prize to fans who can answer a trivia question!

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