Does Revenge REALLY Make You Feel Better? Why Getting “Even” Isn’t Worth It


“In taking revenge, a man is but even with his enemy, but in passing it over he is superior.” 
– Francis Bacon


Have you ever been wronged by a person in the most foul and trifling way that you wanted to immediately get revenge in a way that would make them feel ten times worse?

*raises hand*

I’ve definitely been there many times before. Sometimes I chose to act on my feelings at the time but lately I’ve been kind of just sitting back and having a good laugh. As I’ve matured, I’ve learned that revenge is seldom worth it and karma would do a much better job than I ever could of getting that person back. In the past I’ve done things to get “even” with a person but I can’t remember a time as and when I felt 100 percent good about what I had done to prove my point. Most of the time I ended up making a bad situation worse or creating new issues that weren’t a problem before.

We seek revenge in the hopes that we’ll end up feeling better. We believe we’ll stop being upset or stop crying when in actuality, seeking revenge does the exact opposite. Think about it…

If someone wronged you and you decided to get them back, you spend a lot of time and energy thinking about them, what they did and how you’re going to even the playing field. Whereas if you chose to “let it go” or “brush it off,” then you’re not spending time or energy thinking about their trifling ass at all. (Much better option, right?)

Revenge doesn’t give you closure, it keeps all the hurt and pain fresh. My experience in just choosing not to give certain things my attention or energy is always a better route.

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