Do You Know How Old You REALLY Are?


I’m the type of person who loves to make meaning of things and use it for motivation to help myself and others.

First off let’s get this straight: There is no correlation between age and wisdom. How old you are in wisdom counts more than how old you are in age! I always ask people how it feels to be their age. Most of the time the answer is bland and dull but shouldn’t it be more? Shouldn’t “every round go higher”? And if not, what are you NOT doing to increase?

What do you mean by increase Whit?

Thanks for asking :)

What are you doing to increase your knowledge?
How are you increasing your wealth?
How are you increasing your happiness?
How are you increasing your faith?
How are you building and improving your relationship with others?

I started thinking over my accomplishments, mistakes, goals and choices in comparison to where I am in my life and I was pleased with myself. I’m happy with my journey and that’s ultimately what it’s all about. If as and when you lay down at night, and you are at peace with yourself, then I think that’s the best place to be in life. Being at peace doesn’t mean you are complacent, it means you’re on your way to much more… Hence, the “my 26” list… I’ve learned a lot in my 7 months of being 26. I still have 5 months before I am 27 and I am a witness.. Every round DOES go higher! Can’t wait to see what increases my 27 holds!

“MY 26”

My 26 is different.

My 26 knows who I am and more importantly whose I am :)

My 26 is becoming fearless.

My 26 is fearfully and wonderfully made.

My 26 is stylish.

My 26 is talented.

My 26 is a daughter, sister, auntie, niece, cousin, and a friend.

My 26 is a motivator.

My 26 is a peacemaker.

My 26 is plus sized fabulosity.

My 26 is a lover.

My 26 is forgiving.

My 26 is receiving.

My 26 is humbled.

My 26 is more patient than before.

My 26 is not a quitter.

My 26 is a leader.

My 26 is an inspirer.

My 26 gives and takes chances.

My 26 is discerning.

My 26 is letting go and letting God.

My 26 is writing new chapters.

My 26 is non-judgmental.

My 26 is not limited.

My 26 is free.

My 26 sings because I’m happy.

My 26 knows for certain that what I want and what I need have no relation.

My 26 sees my worth and the worth of others.

My 26 is peaceful.

My 26 is loving myself.

My 26 is discovering.

My 26 puts smiles on other’s faces.

My 26 is determined.

My 26 is giving life.

My 26 works hard and plays hard.

My 26 cries sometimes. But God.

My 26 laughs out loud.

My 26 respects and commands it in return.

My 26 is strong.

My 26 prays without ceasing.

My 26 has joy.

My 26 is speaking up for what I believe in.

My 26 likes…. :)

My 26 is a reflection of God’s love, grace, and mercy.

My 26 is embracing.

My 26 is wise.

My 26 is open.

My 26 lives out loud.

My 26 is not looking back.

My 26 has a future and a promise from God of peace, provision, protection, and prosperity.

My 26 is forever learning.

My 26 is forever growing.

My 26 is forever becoming…….

What IS your age? Think about it and share in the comments what your age is to you!

Keep pressing and increase!



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