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Do You Have Acne And Frequent Breakouts? Get Rid Of Them With A Tomato & Honey Mask


Tomatoes are great on salads and sandwiches and are even better for your skin. Tomatoes contain Vitamin C and Vitamin A which are used to brighten skin and because tomatoes are high in lycopene, they are a natural sun screen. Studies have shown that those who have a diet high in tomatoes have increased skin protection and less damage from ultraviolet rays.

Many are not too fond of tomatoes and for those of you that aren’t, you can put the tomatoes on your face instead of in your mouth! Using tomatoes as a face mask, gives you the following benefits:

  • Used as an astringent for those that have oily skin
  • Fight breakouts
  • Tighten pores
  • Help clear acne
  • Reduce blackheads

Tomato Honey Mask

  • 1 tomato
  • 2 tbsp of honey (raw/organic)
  • 1 blender (optional)

Cut tomato into small squares. Smash tomato into a paste or grate tomatoes in blender on low.



Combine tomato paste and 2 tbsp of honey in bowl and mix. Use fingers to apply paste to face, avoiding eyes. Allow paste to sit on face for 30 minutes and wash with warm water.


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