Do You Agree? :: Talk Show Host Says ‘Scandal’s’ Olivia Pope Is No Different From A Reality Show Chick


A week or so ago I was sent a very interesting article by one of my Twitter followers discussing ABC’s Scandal and it’s main character Olivia Pope played by Kerry Washington. The author of the article (talk show host Mo Ivory) has received a lot of backlash on Twitter as well as in the comment section of her article for stating her opinion. She says that Olivia Pope is pretty much Joseline Hernandez in a suit.

Do we agree?

I’m a Scandal fan and I love the characters and the mysteries surrounding them all. I’ll admit that as and when I first started watching the show I noticed that many of the people I follow on Twitter who also watch were swooning over ‘Liv and Fitz’s love affair and it was a little confusing. Any other day, guys who cheat are the worst of the worst so I couldn’t help but question when adultery became so romantic. 

In her article, Mo breaks down the reasons why Olivia Pope is “no different than Joseline from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta“:

  1. She’s having an affair with a married man who secured a good job for her.
  2. She engaged in criminal activity to get Fitz elected.
  3. She sneaks into his house for late night booty calls.
  4. She keeps a thug around for protection (Huck) and to do her dirty work.
  5. She keeps a good guy on the side who she should really be with in order to convince herself and others that she isn’t a whore.

Mo also goes on to say that Olivia Pope isn’t a character, she’s alive and well. She says that she knows several beautiful, educated women in her circle sleeping with married men and benefitting from it. She sticks to her position – reality star, TV character or everyday woman – it is all the same.

I think what she’s trying to say is that we should not be so quick to judge the women who appear on reality shows as if the same thing isn’t going on in our own backyards. I definitely get her point, however I think she may have gone a little to the extreme. Much like any situation, there are several factors at play that make each one unique. While I think Olivia Pope and Fitz sort of “glamorize” extramarital affairs, she is a FAR CRY from Joseline Hernandez.

What are your thoughts? (Read the original article here.)


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